43 yr old New to TRT.

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Hey Guys,
I am a 43 yr old obese guy who always lifted weights ever since my teenage years, but never achieved the "lean" look. I know abs are built in the kitchen but it seemed no matter how good of a diet I was on, I just couldn't lose the weight. I was having all the symptoms of low T- Fatigue, depression, losing strength, sex drive gone, and moody. I had blood work done in 2017 and my T was 358. The doctor I was seeing wanted me to try 25mg daily of Clomid. My T shot up to just above 1000, but I didn't feel any difference. As time went on, my T slowly came down again. I decided to see a new doctor in December 2018. My blood results were
Total T: 487
LH: 6.7
TSH: 1.531

He decided to up the clomid to 50 mg a day and gave me 1/4 mg of Arimidex to take 1X a week and retested blood 6 weeks later. The results were
Total T: 1118
Free T: 19
LH: 7.8
E2: 62.1
T4: 10.1
TSH: 1.827
SHBG: 54.7

I told him I didn't feel any better, despite the level of my T. He prescribed me .20mg of 200 mg T-cyp. to be taken subQ 3x a week (MWF) in the morning for a weekly total of 120mg. Also Arimidex was upped to 1/4mg 3x a week (MWF) in the evening. He also has me on 25 mg of clomid to prevent shrinkage of the Testicles. I am also taking Metformin 500mg 2x a day, cause my glucose level were in the prediabetic stage and Synthroid 175 for Hypothyroidism. I am on my second week of starting TRT. I haven't noticed any real changes. I'm lifting weights, doing cardio, and following a low carb diet. I know from reading posts on the forum that any changes will take a while. I am also thinking of talking to the doctor about getting off the clomid. I have been having a lot of light sensitivity to my eyes and read that was one of the side effects. I have had a vasectomy so I'm not worried about fertility. I just wanted the "boys" to stay full for looks only. I know most guys take HCG, but I also read some take clomid. Thanks.
I'll assume those are lab corps ranges and Free T is high normal which is where it needs to be if not higher between 20-26 pg/mL.

That's a solid TRT protocol. Also note Metformin blocks benefits of aerobic exercise on insulin sensitivity and VO2 max. Study can be found here.
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Most here use HCG to prevent testicle shrinkage. I inject 500 IU of HCG twice a week. Do you have any idea of what your estradiol levels are at. I find it strange that you didn't post any E2 levels even though you're on an AI.

I have a few threads on low carbs, you may be interested in for losing weight.

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Thanks for the reply. I did post the E2 levels. My last blood test was 2/16/19. I just started the TRT and arimidex 3x a week. I will do another round of blood work at the end of this month.