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  • hi, nelson: i see that my thread got locked. can you tell me why? i'm still trying to figure out whether i should take anastrozole or not.
    Nelson Vergel
    Nelson Vergel
    start a new thread. That thread was getting too long and people were using it to ask questions instead of starting new threads. Thanks
    Hey Nelson, posted this to community but thought maybe I would see if you have time to answer. Bad etiquette? Made point form hoping easier.

    1. I am 40 years old
    2. Been on 1ml sustanon 250 a week for 2 years
    3. Time to have my first baby
    4. Have HCG 8000iu
    5. How much anti back water do I put in? (is it 1ml for each 1000 iu's)?
    6. How much HCG should I take every other day?
    7. How long till things start firing?
    Nelson Vergel
    Nelson Vergel
    4 cc water. 500 IU every other day (.25 cc injection). It takes 8 weeks for semen to improve. 33% of men do not respond to HCG+TRT so I wish you luck.
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    Thanks Nelson for the quick reply. I really appreciate it. Best guess should I back down to .5ml of test once a week?
    Hey Nelson! Happy holidays!!

    Just wondering if you have any insight on these new rapid dissolve hcg tabs?? Efficacy, dosage, etc. My trt clinic changed over to them and I’m hoping I didn’t waste my money....
    Hey Nelson, just wanted to propose a possible idea for another sub forum. I feel like the forum could benefit from a Restart forum where members could post their logs following their journey to quit TRT. Currently these types of threads are spread out all over the place and get buried. It seems like if all of these threads were in one place, it would make it much easier to follow long term.
    Nelson Vergel
    Nelson Vergel
    Not sure on what the most effective title would be, was thinking "Stopping TRT", "HPTA Restart", "PCT after TRT".

    That clomid forum seems to be littered with a lot of fertility and clomid specific questions. Logs of people quitting TRT are spread across the Clomid forum, and the Testosterone Basics forum. Would be nice to consolidate these posts for future review by anyone looking to get off TRT. Just my .02
    Hi Nelson! Posted an interesting video -Clark Sawin Memorial lecture on History of Estrogen delivered at Endo 2018!
    Hi Nelson,

    I was on TRT for a year and recently got off. Doc wants me on clomid but I want to try a restart with triptorelin. Can you recommend where to buy pharma grade diphereline .1 mg? Thanks for all you do!
    Nelson Vergel
    Nelson Vergel
    I really do not have experience on triptorelin
    Hi Nelson,
    I have been on trt for past one year. Taking 70mg test ED, 10mg tamoxifen/day, and anastrazole 1mg/week.
    My e2 levels are in 30-40 range.
    I have noticed hair thinning and hair loss.
    Is it due to tamoxifen or trt..?
    I never had hair loss.
    Does low dosage tamoxifen causes hair loss??
    Your advice would be of great help.
    Hi Nelson, can you confirm i dont need to run an AI with test ethanate trt dose 200mg per week. Slightly throbby puffy nipples but no lumps. Sorta same as puberty all those years ago. Feels more of a cosmetic issue but i might get some bloods run. Early days only a week into it, can e2 levels even out in time or is it always going to be an issue?
    Nelson, I didn't see how to message you privately on here so I'll use this. I ordered a sensitive estradiol test through Discount Labs early in September. I then had my blood drawn at Lab Corp on Sept 29th. Today is October 15th and I still have not received my results or an alert. I really don't want to go and get my blood drawn again. Do you know what the status of that blood test is?
    Nelson Vergel
    Nelson Vergel
    Did you send them an email via ?Thanks for letting me know
    Sorry Nelson if this is not appropriate but I was wondering if you could share your knowledge on my post regarding HPTA restart sorry I’m a little bit lost on what to do

    Regards. -Garðar
    NELSON Vergel my dear Brother, i found this Information out today. Do you find it SCARY or not SCARY at all?
    The PUBMed Research article here Their CONCLUSION is right at end of course. it basically states about too Regular HCG stressing out very much an Enzymatic process within Leydig cells. and making them become exhausted Leydig Cells".
    Hey Nelson have u hear of Terazosin or prazosin better than doxazosin with cialis for erections. Also I didn't k own u can post that here I ask the same question in a post....sorry for ththe double question. Thanks
    Nelson Vergel
    Nelson Vergel
    Both cause fatigue. They are not better than Cialis. They also tend to lower blood pressure.
    Hi Nelson,
    Could you please let me/us know what your conclusion is about hcg- L cell desensitization and from your knowledge your thoughts on how much hcg and how long is safe. I've read many posts but I still would love to have your specific thoughts on the above. For some reason cannot access a link you provided in one of your answers so maybe that's the missing info I'm looking for. Sincere thanks for everything
    Nelson, Can you recommend a website that I should be ordering generic Viagra and Cialis from? I asked in the thread about generics for a current reputable supplier but didn't get any responses.

    Thanks again for all you do for this community.

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