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  • Hi Nelson! Just wanted you to thank you for the gift you sent me last week and was taken back as you have already been so generous and I want you to know that part of me is hesitant to accept as I would never expect anything in return and truly enjoy helping/guiding others and contributing in any way I can.
    Happy New Year Nelson! To the best of health and luck in 2019 and may Excel take us to new heights.
    Merry Christmas Nelson! All the best over the holidays and a deep heartfelt thank you for everything you do. I am glad to be part of the community here at Excel Male, take care
    Sent you a present via email from Amazon as a way to thank you for saving me so much time by posting new studies.
    Wow! Nelson I am taken back, thank you so much this was unexpected.....far to generous, just being part of this community is a pleasure and again I cannot say enough about all the good you do helping the many thousands of men. I am truly overwhelmed with joy.
    For some reason I missed your private messages. I am sorry. I am glad you are back to work. What is your email address? Thanks
    If I felt I had the time I would definitely do it and I would not expect anything in return as I have a deep respect for you and everything you have done for the thousands of men on Excel and could not even begin to explain how thankful I am to have found this site!
    continued.....and could not follow through due my occupation. My job is somewhat physical/demanding and at times it can be difficult to manage work/sleep/lifestyle. I just recently was off for 4 months due to my bicep tendon injury so I had a lot of time to be here on Excel but I am now back to work as of 6 weeks ago so I try to get on here as much as time allows!
    continued.....that stamp out specialty fasteners for the automotive industry (Ford/GM/Chrysler and other companies). I am honored that you would consider me!

    Unfortunately I would not want to let you down in any way as I try my best to be on here as much as possible but it can be difficult at times as I work every day and sometimes weekend can get hectic so I would feel guilty if I accepted your offer
    Hi Nelson! My apologies for taking so long to reply as my laptops hard drive crashed last weekend and I just bought a new laptop so I had no internet access aside from using a phone which I would not be able to tolerate all the texting using such a tiny screen.

    I am just an average blue collar worker as I work in a manufacturing plant as a set-up/press operator , setting up and running dies in 150-200 TON presses
    Hey Madman , can I ask you what you do for a living? Can I talk to you on the phone? I am looking to hire someone a few hours per week to help me with content on ExcelMale and you are the man!
    Hey this still a problem? Hey, thanks so much for your leadership on letting us know about bugs. I appreciate it!!!
    In my profile everything is working except Passwords and Security as when I click on it states ran into problem?

    Below is the message I keep getting:

    Hmm. We’re having trouble finding that site.

    We can’t connect to the server at
    If that address is correct, here
    Hi Nelson! Still not working for me, I will try a few more things regarding firewall in Firefox to see if there is something I am missing or if something needs to be changed but as far as any other sites I use on the web I have no issues with changing my passwords. Thanks again, you and your staff did a great job on the upgrade as it is much smoother/faster now and the layout is appealing!
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