Testosterone and Estradiol Blood Levels Excelmale

Do We Inherit Our Testosterone and Estradiol Blood Levels?

The heritability of circulating testosterone, oestradiol, oestrone and sex hormone binding globulin concentrations in men: the Framingham Heart Study.
Testosterone Levels Excelmale

Influence of marital status on testosterone levels—a ten year follow-up of 1113 men

Based on a large population of 1113 men aged 30–60 at baseline (mean: 44.1 years, standard deviation: 10.5), we investigated whether intra-individual changes in
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Can Viagra Help the Immune System?

A growing body of evidence shows that sildenafil (Viagra) exerts immunomodulatory effects. Its positive action was demonstrated in treating severe autoimmune diseases and cancer....
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ExcelMale.com Guide to Testosterone Replacement

Symptoms and signs suggestive of testosterone deficiency in men:

Should We Be Managing Estradiol and Hematocrit in Men on Testosterone Replacement?

Let's try to clear up some confusion here. No need to debate what the E2 level in a young male going through puberty would...