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ExcelMale.com Guide to Testosterone Replacement

Symptoms and signs suggestive of testosterone deficiency in men:

Should We Be Managing Estradiol and Hematocrit in Men on Testosterone Replacement?

Let's try to clear up some confusion here. No need to debate what the E2 level in a young male going through puberty would...

Natural Testosterone Rebound, A Case Study

First, the important part: I’m not against testosterone replacement/hormone replacement (TRT/HRT) in the least, and was writing about the importance of testosterone before the internet existed and decades before
Testosterone Excelmale

Testosterone – The New How Much Do You Bench

I remember mowing through Muscle and Fitness magazines when I was 18, then pounding three scoops of NO xplode™ and dismantling 8 combinations of supersets, all in the name of chasing down that post workout elevation in testosterone and
E2 Mediate HDL Particle Size Excelmale

Testosterone & E2 Mediate HDL Particle Size

Exogenous testosterone decreases serum levels of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C) in men, but whether this reflects altered HDL function is uncertain. Healthy men (n=45,...