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Testosterone Therapy Options and Basics- All You Need to Know

You’ll learn about testosterone in general, how to increase it naturally, testosterone replacement therapy, testosterone boosters, treatments, anastrozole, erectile dysfunction and more. Click here for...
Effect Single Injection Testosterone Enanthate Exelmale

Effect of a single injection of testosterone enanthate on 17β estradiol and bone turnover...

It is interesting to see for the first time that some men do not have increases in estradiol after a shot of testosterone. 9 out of 21 were in this group. They are also the ones with lower T peak values.
How to Lower SHBG

How to Lower SHBG and Increase Free Testosterone

A regular total testosterone blood test shows you how much of this male sex hormone is circulating through your bloodstream. However, this is just part of the whole picture. There are other hormones involved that could help doctors come up with a more accurate result when measuring your T levels.  For example, SHBG stands for sex hormone-binding globulin. This is a type of cell that attaches to both male and female sex hormones such as testosterone
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Best Testosterone Book Free for Download: Beyond Testosterone

Nelson Vergel, a well-known author of men's health and hormone books, has published his fourth book called Beyond Testosterone. Nelson Vergel holds a chemical engineering...
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TRT Benefits vs Risks

Did you know that nearly 8% of men who are between 41 and 50 years old are developing testosterone deficiency? According to multiple studies, low testosterone can lead to numerous health problems and a significant decrease in life quality.