5 Reasons to Buy Discounted Lab Tests Online

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Your Own Online Blood Tests Without a Doctor’s Visit

When was the last time you got a blood test to determine certain aspects of your health? If you are like most people, chances are that this happened many months or even years ago. Visiting a clinic to have a needle inserted in your arm is not the most enticing experience, but it is one of the best ways to obtain an accurate overview of your health. Some people are also afraid of the costs associated with getting lab tests since most think that you have to pay for a doctor’s visit to get a lab test order. Most don’t know they can buy their own discounted lab tests online.

Luckily, these days it is quite easy to take charge of monitoring your health thanks to companies like DiscountedLabs.com where you can buy your own lab test without a doctor’s order. Now you can simply skip the visit to your healthcare provider and order the blood tests by yourself. In other words, you can get a quick glance over your health with little to no effort at a reasonable price. So, keep reading to find out five indisputable reasons you should buy discounted lab blood tests online from DiscountedLabs.com.

1. You Don’t Need A Doctor’s Order

Many people avoid online blood tests simply because they think they have to get a prescription or order from their doctor. If you order from DiscountedLabs, you do not have to worry about that. DiscountedLabs has its own in-house doctor who can provide an order at no cost to you. As a result, you can save a lot of time and effort as you do not have to visit your doctor for a prescription for blood tests.

2. There Are Hundreds of Tests Available at DiscountedLabs

Another good reason why you should shop for blood tests from DiscountedLabs consists of the sheer size of the tests available. You can choose from hundreds of tests available, based on your current preferences and needs. As medical science progresses, new tests are added on a regular basis as well.

Most people go for basic tests such as a complete blood count or lipid panel. These tests check the properties of your blood or lipids to determine if you are at risk for a particular disease. Other popular tests include a metabolic panel (ideal for determining the health of your liver and kidneys), a thyroid panel (to check for hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism) as well as hormone lab  panels.

Sometimes you might not know what test is the right one for you or which ones should be bundled together. For such instances, the experts at DiscountedLabs have formulated complete lab test panels to get a comprehensive picture of your health. For example, a Wellness Panel for Men or Women is ideal for getting a broad overview of your health.

3. You Get Your Lab Test Results in Just a Few Business Days

Shopping for blood tests online eliminates the need to wait for weeks for your results since most doctors want to have you set an appointment for lab test result review. Fortunately, at DiscountedLabs you can have your results back in as little as 3-5 business days. The procedure is quite simple. You shop for a test online, and you are emailed a lab request. Take this form with you at the nearest lab test location in your area.

You might be happy to find out that there are more than 1,900 viable lab locations in the United States, so one may be close to your home to draw a blood sample. DiscountedLabs serves most states except NY, NJ, and RI. All blood tests are also FDA-approved, so you have nothing to worry about.

4. All Paperwork and Results Are Confidential

This is another great benefit of ordering blood tests online. You get the results emailed back to you in just a few business days, and everything is totally confidential. Your results are not shared with third parties or other doctors, companies, or your family members. Once you have the results, you can decide to go to your healthcare provider to help you interpret them to take the necessary steps in your health or medication dosing.

5. Discounted Labs Offer the Most Affordable Online Blood Tests in the US

And that is why so many people buy from Discounted Labs. To give you just a few examples of how inexpensive these lab tests can get, you can order a complete blood count test for just around $25 or a lipid panel for $23. These prices are valid at the moment of this writing. There are no hidden costs beyond a $6 lab fee for drawing your blood.

By buying discounted lab test online› from DiscountedLabs, you also get into a Rewards Points Program. Each test bought at DiscountedLabs gives you reward points. You can use these reward points to get discounts for future orders.

Now You Know Why You Should Shop for Blood Tests at Discountedlabs

As you can see, Discounted Labs is a platform designed to help you take control of your health with little to no effort and without spending a lot of money. Use this platform to check your hormones and see if you are predisposed to certain diseases. The right blood test done at the right time can make the difference between vibrant health or chronic illness, so do not neglect your health because it is the most important thing you have.

If you’re ready to shop for blood tests, then make sure that you check out this list of popular tests and pick the ones you need!

Buy Lab Tests Online Without a Doctor’s Visit