Options for Hair Loss Beyond Propecia

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Reversing and preventing hair loss can be a primary concern for many men and women who experience hair loss or thinning. Unfortunately hair loss can affect people at any point in their life, sometimes beginning in their 20s. According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common cause of hair loss is a hereditary condition called male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness. The genetic predisposition causes the person to be more sensitive to specific sex hormones which trigger hair loss.

The sensitivity to hormones causes the hair follicles to shrink which leads to thinning hair and eventual loss of hair. The medical term for this type of hair loss is called “androgenetic alopecia”. Androgen is a generic term for certain sex-hormones, testosterone being the most well-known. Another hormone related cause of hair loss can result from thyroid disorder.

There are other causes of hair loss such as poor nutrition, especially lack of protein or iron in the diet. Hair returns after you change your diet to get enough of these nutrients. Other causes include certain diseases, chemical exposure, or drug use.

Doctors from around the nation who specialize in hair loss have partnered with various compounding pharmacies to design topical formulas which effectively treat, prevent, and reverse hair thinning and loss depending on the cause. These formulas are available a Defy Medical and can be customized based on your condition, and the cause of that condition.

Note: Do not use Propecia since it can affect your sex drive and erections.


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