160mg/40mg Testosterone Cypionate / Propionate Blend by Empower?

    Testosterone propionate is definitely not for everyone, however, there are certain men who do benefit from including the ester in their therapy. Propionate needs to be injected more frequently than cypionate, roughly every 2-3 days if used as a monotherapy to keep serum testosterone stable. For this reason and due to its more robust peak (and trough) effect I personally dont favor propionate as a monotherapy, but it does appear to have anecdotal benefit when combined with a longer ester including cypionate. Some men benefit from a more robust androgen peak, perhaps those suffering from finsateride syndrome or who have trouble with downstream testosterone conversion. Others who do not metabolize the cypionate ester consistently might also benefit from including lower dosages of shortened ester for faster onset and peak before leveling out. Again, this is all anecdotal, but it appears that the different effects noticed with a cypionate/propionate blend are experienced with twice per week injections (q3days).
    50mg/mL is actually a high concentration of testosterone propionate since roughly 98% of the weight is actual testosterone rather than ester, and its rapid onset and metabolism utilize all of that testosterone over a shorter period of time, resulting in 50mg yielding a higher amount of T than usually produced endogenously. Usually, less is used as replacement therapy, 12.5mg – 25mg every 2-3 days is the replacement dosage I have seen many doctors start with. Of course, due to fluctuating levels across different patients, prop will need to be titrated more carefully if used as a monotherapy (and more frequent follow ups will be produced at the beginning to ensure levels are not fluctuating from a combination). Empower’s combination contains 40mg/ml of propionate combined with 160mg/ml of cypionate. It is usually injected at a volume of 1/4ml to 1/2ml 1-3 times per week (10mg-20mg propionate per injection). Since Empower uses grapeseed oil and adjusts the Ph at each batch, I have personally found their propionate does not cause the site irritation that typically results from using other products (due to the propionic acid most likely). I used the blend subq with no issue and have spoken to several guys who reported the same experience.

    Another reason this blend might be important is due to access of injectable testosterone options in general. Testosterone propionate products are not available in the US, and therefore testosterone ester blends containing propionate are also not available through commercial products. This unavailability allows compounding pharmacies to provide these custom options to physicians who then can offer access to patients who benefit from unique formulas and/or need affordable access to cheaper compounded products. Although compounding pharmacies are justified in compounding testosterone cypionate injectables when using different carriers such as grapeseed oil (vs commercially used cottonseed), the FDA guidance is written with enough flexibility to suppress their ability to make testosterone cypionate products as they could be considered to close to their essential commercial copies (i.e brand name test cyp). In the event this happens, unique formulas including cypionate/propionate blended products will allow compounding pharmacies to continue providing personalized and lower cost options for men on replacement therapy

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    Vince Carter

    I saw that blend, I tried Prop only and I had terrible sides with it, like carpal tunnel/arm pain overnight, bad pain, bad as in wake you up and try and shake the arms out kind of cramping, was hard to describe. Plus, prop came in a very weak concentration, 50mg/mL which meant I was shooting a lot more oil for the same dose. I didnt like anything about Prop and would never use it again. I may just ahve been an oddball case but I couldnt stand that stuff.

    Sean Mosher

    I used a similar blend a few years back when I first started TRT. Only thing I noticed different from what I experience now is a really good pump the day of injection (which I guess you could say could be equated to a “wellness” feeling if you will). I just attribute that to the prop getting into my system more quickly. Other than that I noticed no real difference to be honest. I can see why adding the prop in there might help someone feel like the treatment is working or that they can quickly notice a tangible difference.… Read more »

    Vince Carter

    I might have been able to work with Prop if it had any upside for me but it was straight neutral or negative, just couldn’t use it. What it was like now that I’m remembering was like when I messed with the GH secreatagogues like GHRP2/6 or 1295 w/o. We thought a IGF spike with the Prop as was the same reason and symptom I stopped messing with those, too.

    Vince Carter

    sending you a PM feelinglost